Laars Endurace Gas Boiler Systems

Performance beyond expectations and commitment to customer satisfaction are standard at Laars. We have such confidence in ENDURANCE that we offer a warranty that rivals any in the industry. With the Satisfaction Guaranteed Program, you can rest assured that you and your customers will experience 100% satisfaction with the operation of ENDURANCE

  • Available Configurations:
    • EPD - a compact boiler for space heating
    • EPN - a non-ferrous configuration of the EDP model
    • EBP - features a 20 gallon tank, heat exchanger and low limit control
    • Efficiency - 85 % AFUE
    • Sealed stainless steel combustion chamber
    • Automatic burner modulation from 57% to full fire
    • Venting - Direct vent (sealed combustion with ducted combustion air in concentric vent) or Category III
    • Hot Surface Ignitor
    • Displays fault codes for supply sensor, return sensor, tank sensor (EBP only), outdoor air sensor, internal control, and lockout
    • Displays 6 temperatures: supply water, return water, tank water (EBP only), heat exchanger temperature rise, outdoor air temperature (when outdoor reset is used), and calculated setpoint (when outdoor reset is used)
    • Low water temperature feature - attempts to run the pump when supply water temperature falls below 39dF
    • Built-in circulating pump and by-pass loop
    • Pump exerciser to ensure pump remains free from corrosion
    • Copper finned, cylindrical tube design heat exchanger brazed into ASME bronze headers

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Energy Star ASME
Model IDModel NameTypeInput Range
AFUEContinuous GPH
29626EDP110Heat Only61.8 - 108.253.7 - 94.085.5na
29627EDP175Heat Only102.9 - 175.388.6 - 151.086.1na
29628EBP110Heat DHW61.8 - 108.253.7 -
29629EBP175Heat DHW102.9 - 175.388.6 -
29630EDN110Heat - Non-ferrous61.8 - 108.253.7 - 94.085.5na
29631EDN175Heat - Non-ferrous102.9 - 175.388.6 - 151.086.1na
  • Limited Twenty Year Warranty on Primary Heat Exchanger in Residential Settings
  • All Other Parts - One Year