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"I had a problem with one of our heat pumps. Called A-1 and they sent a repairman out. He quickly found the problem and made the repair. "
C . L from Paw Paw, MI on July 1st, 2014
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"The digging done caused a big mess and it doesn't look good. The equipment broke-up my black top driveway in some places you can't drive on it without chunks hitting the car. The digger got stuck and left big holes in my lawn along with busting the drive trying to get out.After it was finished being installed we came home and the temp was 65 when it was set for 70, I could not get the unit to turn on right away and it finally came on but would not go above 67. The next morning the temp was down to 65, I rebooted the thermostat and the temp readout jumped to 75. It seem to hold through the night and the next morning I had no hot water, checked the breakers and found the hot water breaker tripped, I never had this happen before. We will see what the next few days have in store."
S . L from Clayton, MI on April 30th, 2014
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"It was unfortunate at what happen. When we moved the earth moving equipment onto the job site the ground was dry and solid. On the last day a heavy rain moved in. With the ground being clay and wet it was impossible to level out with out it balling up into clunks. As for the driveway the asphalt was already broken up do to age. When the ground was dry we moved the equipment in OK. After the rain and the drive already breaking down, it let the rain in underneath the asphalt where it became loose. So when they moved the equipment out it did ball up the drive in areas where it was not a straight run. We went back tried to straighten out the miss. The problem with the unit was do to the fact that the new thermostat was not working correctly. We replace the thermostat and the problem went away. Thank you Steve "
- A-1 Refrigeration
"Professional, dependable and prompt to respond."
A . S from Sturgis, MI on March 17th, 2014
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"Got here quick.Got job done quickly.Up and running.All Positive."
J . S from Lawton, MI on March 4th, 2014
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"I had a ver favorable working with the staff of A-1 Geothermal. Steve Shannon was on top of the whole project and everything wwent smoothly."
A . C from Paw Paw, MI on February 22nd, 2014
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"Overall I am satisfied with the whole process. The results due to A-1's expertise has made a huge difference in the comfort level of the house, including rooms that never seemed to have any conditioning at all before."
D . W from Kalamazoo, MI on December 31st, 2013
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"Dan, Thank you so much for the great review. "
- A-1 Refrigeration
"Project manager Steve Shannon was exceptionally knowledgeable and considerate. The loop field installer did an exemplary job under difficult conditions. The plumber did a fine job. The electrician could have done better - did not install wiring in conduit, rather simply stapled wiring to available wall board and studs. Overall, the value for the price was outstanding. A-1 Geothermal is easily the premier provider in the Kalamazoo area. "
G . R from Schoolcraft, MI on November 5th, 2013
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"Overall, I thought A-1 and its subcontractors did an excellent job. We had a very positive experience from initial visit to clean-up and follow-up.Their bid was better than competitive, offering a larger-capacity unit for the same price as a smaller unit offered by one of the other bidders. The estimator, Steve Shannon, noted one small problem while estimating the job - minor asbestos abatement - and kept it a minor problem during installation, solving it in a timely, legal and inexpensive fashion. He even came up with a creative solution for cooling limitations in the upstairs of our house, where we only have supply registers.Steve also served as the site supervisor and was very diligent and responsible in that role. For A-1, Steve delivered what A-1 promised, 100%. A-1 completed the work on time and on budget. They promptly took care of one small after-installation problem (fixing the position of a switch box that had initially been installed to block the filer tray) at no cost and nearly as soon as they discovered it. The switch-box repair occurred after the installation was complete. That kind of follow-up attention to detail and customer satisfaction is really impressive.So far, the geothermal cooling is working as well as promised. Our only remaining questions are how the heating component will work and how well our electrical bills will match A-1's estimates. Everything else has gone as well as we hoped."
A . N from Grand Junction, MI on June 26th, 2013
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"The geothermal is operating great. Much cheaper to run than my propane furnace and I can keep the house temperature at a comfortable level. When it was warm out I was cooling my house for about a dollar a day. Since it has been cold outside it is heating for about $1.50 to $2 a day which is still a huge savings. I also like the fact that the geo is also preheating my hot water. I would definitely install a geothermal unit again. "
B . S from Marcellus, MI on December 26th, 2012
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"The installation went great. They did a great job and the install was very clean. Overall I would happily bring them back to do anouther job at my residence."
T . R from Gobles, MI on August 9th, 2012
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"Tim, Thanks so much for your support. Steve"
- A-1 Refrigeration
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